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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Answering Darrow Now 99 cents

If you haven't noticed, (and by the sales figures, you haven't) My first book Answering Darrow: What William Jennings Bryan Should Have Said is now available at major e-book sellers for only $0.99. That's right. Get it now and see where Bryan went wrong and caused Creationists to become laughingstocks, allowing evolutionary thought to permeate classrooms.

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also at Barnes and Noble.com and iTunes in a variety of e-book formats.

Fat Tuesday

Today is Mardi Gras and as I live in extreme southwest Arkansas some fifty miles from the Louisiana state line, it's a pretty big thing. When I was a teacher, I would have several students come in with Mardi Gras decorations or clothing (especially beads). I would ask them if they were celebrating Mardi Gras to which they would reply "yeah!" I would then ask them what they were giving up for Lent and they would say "Huh?"
For those that don't know, Lent is a season that begins on Ash Wednesday, 40 days before Easter. The purpose of Lent is to prepare one's mind and body for Easter by going without something for the 40 days. This commemorates the 40 days that Jesus fasted in the wilderness after his baptism. The Christian is asked to forgo something that he would miss for the 40 days. That is, that it would be somewhat of a hardship to do without. Many use this time to begin a diet or stop smoking or other bad habit. The goal is to take the time and money that would be devoted to the habit or thing and give it to God. After Easter, you may begin doing again whatever you stopped doing.
The Tuesday before Ash Wednesday then, is the last day you can do whatever you are giving up for Lent. Some would use this day as a time to go overboard on their vice. Eventually it evolved into a huge day of partying. Since the custom in the US came mostly from the Catholics in French Louisiana, the day was named in the French "Mardi Gras" which literally means fat (or large) Tuesday.
Today (like others), this holiday has been usurped by many who have no idea of its origins. It is used as an excuse to get drunk and engage in other forms of debauchery. The Christian origin is either forgotten or ignored. This is why I was irked by my students. It's time that Christians took back our holidays. If you do not plan on observing Ash Wednesday or the Lenten Season, you have no right to celebrate Mardi Gras. It is not your holiday. It is Christ's.

Expect a similar rant on St. Patrick's Day and Christmas.